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Our company that has established production facilities in the 1. Organize Industrial Zone in Kütahya is an effective manufacturer about agriculture, animal feed and chemical sector in domestic and foreign market. Additionally, our company is the forceful producer who does not compromise on quality with the aim of supply industrial raw material needs.

High quality Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate and Caustic Calcine Magnesite is produced and exhibited its marketing activities by young dynamic and expert staff of Maltas Mine L.L.C that offers its products with sales and marketing organization and MKM Maltas brand all over the world.

MKM Maltas has become well-known sector-wide firm in a short period of time thanks to the respect that has shown to its employees, suppliers and customers, the precision in production, the importance it gives to customer satisfaction with its product quality and the difficulty of success.

We aim to bring employee satisfaction to the top by continuously investing in the employees, that we believe to be the most important achievement key in our sector. As a company operating in the chemical sector, we aim to be productive, to increase production and employment and to be innovative.

In awareness that sustainability is an important competitive factor in the world, we as a company, that focuses on sustainability in the R & D and innovation process, attach importance to on customer satisfaction.